Subversive Intentions - Recording 36

from by Various Artists



When I think about what musique concrËte is, I tend to think about three things: improvised music, collage, and silence. That silence is key to me. I began to lean toward musique concrËte after a lot of experimentation with harsh noise. I began to feel like I wasn't letting my music breath. I was afraid of the silence so I packed my pieces with as much sound as possible.
With this piece I'm playing with sparseness, I am allowing silence to exist. I employed a pretty basic random cut-up method with some recordings I had done of a freight train passing where I work, my washing machine running, a improvised electric bass fragment, and a recording of some peole (speaking German possibly?) christmas shopping.

Subversive Intentions

Drone/Noise/Improvised music from East Montpelier VT. I work with field recordings, and computers to assemble ambient sound collages.




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