Norbert R Stammberger - KlangBuero​@​Giorgi5J

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This is a piece, which began with a field recording at Atelier Giorgi, via Belfiore 5H at Turin, Italy, and was completed with some additional recordings afterwards. But the addition was made vertical, layer by layer, not straight putting piece after piece.
* 1958, Coburg, lives and works in Munich. Saxophonist, freelance composer and improviser, Master of Arts in Philosophy, founder of the GNU Records & Publishing and manager of KlangBuero(SoundOffice), Munich.

In the early 1980s Norbert R. Stammberger worked with the German Kraut-Rock-Bands like Amon Düül II, Popol Vuh and Embryo. In this time he worked with Mal Waldron at his Big Band Suite „The Secret Agent Suite“ and „Shingen Takeda Suite“. In the 1990s he met Fred Frith for a Fire-Sound-Performance in Munich. For a commissioned work for the Jewish Culture Center Berlin he came together with Allen Ginsberg using his text „The Fall of America“ in a performance with the New York based Rock Band Klazmetics. In 2003 Norbert R. Stammberger played the „Werner-Luedi-Memorial-Concert“ together with the German Free Jazz musician Peter Brötzmann.

In the last 10 years Norbert R. Stammberger worked with the Beograd Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Bavarian Rundfunkorchester München, his own Ensembles Mambo Varèse, Torino Blackout DBL BTR and Tribal Error; There was also a Japantour with the Stammberger Pultz Melbye Tavil Trio and many other concerts like the Duo Stammberger Okuda, Stammberger Rettich (KlangBuero vs. Rettnoise), Stammberger Cataldo or Stammberger Despotakis, all in the absolutely free improvised way.
Since 2012 Norbert R. Stammberger is based in Munich with his KlangBuero(SoundOffice) for sampling unheard-of and strongly wanted sounds.

Discography: Poem I-X, Stammberger - Ensembleworks, Torino Blackout, re-recordings & artworks, Duo Stammberger Okuda, Ensemble Mambo Varèse, Choo Choo Aero Big Band, Unternehmern Kobra, Embryo - Ibn Batutta.
Norbert R. Stammberger is practicing the intuitive style of composition and improvisation. Intuitively, he
works in perspective on a place, a situation, a space back, even if he still does not know this, or not even know that he will meet to. He is convinced, that we constantly take on events that refer back to situations or spaces in which we discovered the spark of a decision. Often we can very well say: Here was the not-yet, the moment from which the none (non-existing) did show up as a transition to opportunity. And what happened before that moment, had first to find his way to where we could say then, that was the moment. And of cause this moment is moving, in constant transition. This movement as the presence is researched by the composer Norbert R. Stammberger in an intuitive way




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