My idea for this piece was to take all of the source sounds from my saxophone.

1. First I recorded pad taps, going individually down my sax, closing keys to
capture different tones of the taps.

2. I then cut each hit into it's own individual sample, which I then loaded into Beatcraft.
Using only the key taps, I programmed a beat.

3. I then exported this beat into Ableton Live where I created new rhythmic parts out of the beat.
One part I used a resonator to give it some musical tone. Another part I used dual shifters to
give depth to the beat.

4. Using the rhythmic parts I had for the beat, I laid out the skeleton of the piece in Acid Pro.
This included chord changes.

5. Next came recording the sax tones, which I did by playing simplistic three to four note tones.
I did this a couple times, matching the chord change I had laid out previously with the resonated
rhythm parts.

6. I then took the higher register tones that I recorded and ran them through various delays and LFO
filters in Ableton to generate my ambient pads, which I then exported back in Acid Pro.

7. I took the lower register saxophone tones and ran them through reverbs and did a little
pitch-shifting before actually bringing the sample into Ableton. Then I exported the sample back
into Acid for further mixing.

8. Finally I mixed everything down in Acid Pro after adding a few stereo delay effects to some of the
original sax tone recordings, which I blended with the effected parts from Ableton.




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