IFAR Musique Concrète Communicating Through Sound compilation

by Various Artists

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released January 10, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Clay Gold - Against Isolation
Clay Gold is a British sound recording artist living in Canterbury.

His recorded piece 'A Furious Devout Drench' is currently touring as part of a European Acoustic Heritage exhibition on the theme of Water.

In March 2011 his 5.1 surround sound piece 'Airtight Orange Plastic Coffin' - a filmless Horror soundtrack - was presented in a completely dark cinema environment at the Walter Reade Theater / Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York City, alongside works by Raime, Demdike Stare and Felix Kubin as part of 'UNSOUND', a festival of experimental music and sound art. The piece continues to tour in 2012 as part of ((audience2)) in the U.S.

In December 2011 Parisian netlabel Three Legs Duck added the mini-LP Clay Mining to their eclectic catalogue. The follow-up Breathing to Death was released six months later and is available as 'name your own price' download.
Clay Gold's recorded, performance and installation work considers the collection, processing, application, destruction and preservation of information within and without the constraints of the human mind.
His surround-sound pieces use location recording, Foley and sound effects incorporated into live performance and are part of an exploration into actively collected, suppressed and promoted opinion; or censorship and propaganda.

Clay Gold is currently preparing to work with The Elysian Quartet on a brand new live performance piece in collaboration with composers Laonikos and Ella Jarman-Pinto, and conceiving a sound installation on the history of repetition entitled 'Repeat After Me'.
Track Name: Mavis Strawn - Ericka's Dream
Copyright: Klang Association 2012 Attribution Creative Commons
Music Detail: The source sound for this piece was a 20 second recording of a badly tuned piano
Track Name: Public Domain - Medium is a Size
Central London based duo,
Jane Burton & Doris Lake,
nick named the library girls,
because they both work in cataloging,
cut up recordings.
Their logo is a Hammer and a Cabbage
Track Name: hiyohiyoipseniyo - prueba ese enchufe
little electric random cuts recomposed with catalan glue while the old radio whishpers political debate. oh! best proof plug, best proof plug, then plug, best evidence of plugging in that plug
Track Name: Shaun Robert & Nicolas Grenier - Elam (en souvenir d'un esprit en goguette a l'hotel de mortemart)
après-midi ouateux du haut de la colline
rectangle de gazon & faces opalines
d'un côté au vingt-sept dans le hall de lumière
les ombres circulent frêles à la frontière

cloudy and light afternoon the top of the hill
rectangle of Lawn & opalines faces
on this side to the twenty-seven in the hall of the light
circulating frail shadows on the border

Nicolas Grenier
Track Name: fp - 33TUF3653664643 MGRS
the title is the position of the place where it was recorded the sea sounds in military coordinates